At AGI Atlanta, We believe in providing our clients, customers, and employees the utmost professional experience. In February, we received an award for just that.

Read more about the award and what it means for AGI Atlanta here.

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AGI Atlanta’s motto

AGI Atlanta recently gained a new client back in February and with that we were intentional about doing our best for the client and our people. We are excited to announce that our intentions paid off and in the beginning of March, our client awarded us the Professionalism Award.

AGI Atlanta, with partnering with companies, believes that providing the client best experience with us is based on how we develop our people. Our entry level account managers receive the best coaching to develop their customer acquisition and building relations skill and upon proving the ability to excel working with our customer base, they are able to move up with the company and start training others. We know that in giving our people the best and clearest training, we will be able to exceed our clients expectations.

AGI Atlanta not only do they bring us quality sales and customers, but they hire and train their reps at the highest level of professionalism. We know that with AGI Atlanta that every customer gained is handled precisely and with excellence. Even though AGI Atlanta is new partner, they are exceeding expectations.

-Mike, Client Partnership Development

We are grateful for the recognition from our client and we know that we are going to continue to win for our client and more importantly our people.

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