AGI Atlanta is super excited to announce that our very own Miranda Munds and Kaelyn Gibson are being recognized as Top Recruiters in our industry and are being featured in a national magazine distributed by the company’s Client.

Miranda started in Kansas City in 2013 while Kaelyn started in Atlanta in 2014. When Miranda transferred to Atlanta in January 2015, Miranda and Kaelyn started partnering together to grow AGI Atlanta.

What is the key to your success?

2 headshot of AGI Atlanta's human resource director Kaelyn, who handles talent acquisition at AGI AtlantaWe believe no matter what, you should immerse yourself in a positive environment. We constantly have a blast no matter what situation we are in. What sets us apart from the crowd is our positive and upbeat energy. However, strong work ethic is a key element for our success. We stick to the basics, consistently focusing on the recruiting funnel. We are extremely intentional about our time and prime recruiting hours. We have set a strict schedule to make our goals as achievable as possible. We are heavily involved with our leaders and their success; it drives us daily. Being in an organization that provides great opportunities, allows us to develop long-lasting relationships with our team; we are thrilled to be a contributing factor to other’s goals. We continue to focus on our own opportunity and never forget to laugh along the way!”

Not only are they close partners in recruiting, but they are also close partners to President Ed and Manager Michelle. Part of the duo’s goals reflects that partnership in the sense that they want to promote two more managers this year along with having two assistant managers promoted. The two want to be key players in AGI Atlanta’s aggressive goal to expand to 60 locations globally by the year 2020.

About the duo:

Growing up, Kaelyn and Miranda both were heavily involved in team sports. Miranda won multiple National Championships in competitive dance and Kaelyn was a Division 1 rower at University of Tennessee. Combining their competitive spirit and relentless determination, the girls have achieved a great partnership to grow their team! In the four months they have been partnered together, they have doubled the office headcount, they have been ranked number one for several competitive industry catagories and have consistently won multiple contests within the industry. Kaelyn and Miranda’s partnership has directly correlated to the company’s success. Both have stepped up in leadership to train other recruiters across the country. They have enjoyed traveling to develop and enhance other offices. Kaelyn and Miranda are both natural leaders and continue to strive to help their leaders in achieving their own success!

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