Every week, the team at AGI Atlanta participates in a weekly periscope broadcast called Tuesday Tips. With topics on leadership and career building skills highlighted, it has become a fast resource for learning and fun. We compiled a list of the top ten broadcasts from AGI Atlanta’s Tuesday Tips:

10. The first of AGI Atlanta’s top 10 Tuesday Tips for 2016 is the broadcast covering a new app that we love. Check below to see what app we really made use of in 2016!

9. A great broadcast for our friends looking at College or about to start school. Dela from AGI Atlanta’s Account Manager team gives tips on what to expect as an incoming freshman.

8. This Tuesday Tips broadcast from July was from President Ed and such a great topic. It covers what every person should know by age 20.

7.  In the number 7 Tuesday Tips of 2016, Jeff and Jose give you the secrets of advancement at AGI Atlanta.

6. Coming in at 6th, this Tuesday Tips features HR Director Kaelyn. She discusses what interviewing looks like from our side of the table and tips on answering questions.

5. Lindsey talked about being number one and how to do so in the number 5 Tuesday Tips.

4. President talked about the spirit of a Champion in the 4th most popular Tuesday Tips of 2016.

3. Top performers were a consistent theme at AGI Atlanta in 2016. It’s a trend we will definitely continue in 2017.

2. The 2nd most viewed Tuesday Tips broadcast from AGI Atlanta in 2016 was a fun one! Learn how to pull off the running man challenge in this video.

  1. Coming in number one with 192 views this year is AGI Atlanta’s National Goof Off Day PSA. In this fun video, President Ed warns about how goofing off at work is not a good idea.

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