AGI Atlanta is excited to announce a new chapter in our business history as Ed Cunliffe takes over as AGI’s new President and CEO. After 15 years as its leader, in February, former CEO Brandie turned over its leadership to Ed. She had the following to say:

Ed has always been a visionary who sees the highest potential and others and works tirelessly to help them reach it. He is generous with his time talent and energy and under his direction AGI Atlanta will move on to break even more records for our clients. I have full confidence in his leadership ability and the future of the company.”

AGI Atlanta ED President quoteWith Ed taking over, AGI Atlanta secured a new client and not only did we successfully train and on board this new client, AGI Atlanta earned the client’s professionalism award. “We know that you get what you give. We make a point to be polite and courteous. We have always made it about exceeding our clients’ expectations so it is no surprise that we quickly won this award.” Says Ed. As he took on the role in February, Ed made a point to continue AGI Atlanta’s reputation of winning for our clients and he has come through at every turn.

Ed has since out performed our new client’s expectations and is confident that we will continue to do so. He has kept with AGI Atlanta’s creed in hiring exceptional professionals and providing our clients with proven sales and marketing strategies. The team has adapted well to his leadership styles and AGI Atlanta has seen a rise in performance.

Ed is a Berry College alum and former professional golfer. He became involved in the direct marketing and sales industry back in 2001. After gaining experience in the industry and showing his client base top notch performance, Ed was able to open an office in Denver, CO. Throughout the years, he has been able to assist 60 different branches in opening. He aims to take his experience and expertise in aiding AGI Atlanta into expanding nationally as well as overseas.

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