2AGI Atlanta is a company that provides an atmosphere for opportunity, motivation, and success. Operations Manager Miranda is no stranger to success at AGI Atlanta. Within the first year of working at AGI Atlanta, Miranda was able to earn a national recognition for recruiting by an industry leader and she has also been a driving force in two of AGI Atlanta’s most recent expansions. With her successes at AGI Atlanta, she was able to earn an exclusive invitation to an industry executive team made up of top professionals in the recruiting and administration industries. Miranda will be participating in a weekly forum to share ideas on how to improve skills and also learn from the best. She also will be given opportunities to network with other individuals and develop her training skills to help new comers at other companies that utilize the executive team’s services. The team at AGI Atlanta could not be more proud of Miranda Munds and are grateful for her hard work and dedication to growing as an individual. Read more about Miranda and her accomplishments at AGI Atlanta by checking out the company’s blog.

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